ISTAT reported death counts for 1084 municipalities over Italy, in the periods January 1-March 21 for six consecutive years. This allows us to explore the possible exceptionality of 2020, during which there is a COVID-19 epidemic. Please note that this document reflects work in progress and it is an attempt to disply the data to facilitate reflection. The document was last updated on:

## [1] "2020-04-07"

We start with some backgroung information. Italy is administratively divided in Regioni, who are in turn divided in Province. To get a sense of the size of these, below are counts of the total population living in each regione and histogram of the population leaving in the various provinces.

We note that the data is limited in a number of ways. The 1084 municipalities represent only a fraction of the population in Italy, and differently distributed in the regions, as illustrated in the plot below. In the displays that will follow, when the aggregate value for a region or a province is determined from the 1084 municipalities, the transparency of colors is proportional to the proportion of population per regione or per province that lives in municipalities not included in this subset (more intense colors correspond to better covered region).