Chiara Sabatti

Chiara grew up in Italy, where she attended Liceo Classico Arnaldo in Brescia, and obtained a master degree in "Economics and Social Sciences" (DES) from the Luigi Bocconi University in Milan in 1993. Her final research project was on applications of finite exchangeability to population sampling, and was supervised by Eugenio Regazzini. In the same year, she was awarded a Bocconi Fellowship for advanced studies. She came to Stanford in 1994 to pursue a PhD in Statistics, and worked with Jun Liu on multiscale MCMC methods. Between 1998 and 2000 she was a post-doctoral scholar with Neil Risch in the Department of Genetics, also at Stanford. In 2000 she joined the faculty at UCLA in the newly established departments of Human Genetics and Statistics. She received the NSF Career award in 2003. After 9 happy years in sunny southern California, she came back north with her family and currently lives and works at Stanford.

Chiara's research is centered on the development of statistical methods that enable the exploration of high dimensional data. This entails both reducing computational barriers and ensuring that the results obtained by sifting through a large number of variables are reliable, reproducible, and robust. Her work is by nature interdisciplinary: she has enjoyed collaborating with neuroscientists, engineers, chemists, psychiatrists, oncologists, and more in her home institutions and around the globe. She is grateful that her background prepared her for this.

Living on the Stanford campus, it is easy for Chiara and her family to take advantage of the natural beauty of the area; they especially like to go hiking and sailing in the bay. On the boat, Chiara is very happy to relinquish all responsibilities. At work, she draws energy from working with students and never turns down the opportunity for a philosophical chat.



Benjamin Chu
Qian Zhao
Paula Gablenz


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Hui Wang, now at the Palo Alto Cooperative Studies Program Coordinating Center
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Christine Peterson, now Associate Professor at MD Anderson
Laurence Nedelec
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Eugene Katsevich, now at UPenn
Junjie Zhu, now at Apple


If you are a prospective graduate student, you should apply to one of the PhD programs we are affiliated with: Statistics or Biomedical Data Science , or ICME. If you are already a Stanford PhD student, or you are looking for a post-doc, please contact Chiara directly.

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