Data Science / MCS Advising


For the last few years I have been an advisor for the Mathematical and Computational Science (MCS) major and I am proud to have help start the new Data Science major. College is a very intense, often disruptive experience: it is a true privilege to accompany the students as they navigate through their years at Stanford.


There are some steps that require meeting with an advisor (as approval of an honors program, final check-list for graduation, etc. ), but you do not need to wait for these to come by and discuss what is on your mind. I expect my advisees to check in at least once a year, and I am happy to meet with any undergraduate with questions about the majors.

If you have recently declared Data Science/MCS and I have been assigned as your advisor, please make sure you come and meet me at your earliest convenience so that we can go over your background, interests and expectations and see how to incorporate these into your curriculum.

During Fall 2022, I am available every Tuesday 2:30-4:30 in my office in Sequoia Hall, or on the bench outside the building. To meet with me, I ask that you make every effort to come to these office hours. This might include leaving a class early or being late to one. If we need more time, this is also the best set-up to schedule another meeting. If you really cannot make the office hours work, feel free to e-mail me for a special appointment, but be aware that it might take a bit before we find a mutually suitable time.


While generally interactions with faculty advisor require face to face conversations, there are some things that can be taken care by e-mail. Please be as complete as you can in your e-mail text and be advised that I do respond to my e-mail in batches, so that you should not expect to receive an immediate response.

Recommendation Letters

I am generally happy to write recommendation letters for students with whom I have interacted on a regular basis. Make sure that you provide me with the addressee's information, a copy of your CV and your motivational statement at least one month prior to the deadline. Also, make sure to send me a reminder one week before the letter is due.


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