M. Sesia, E. Katsevich, S. Bates, E. Candès, C. Sabatti (2019) Multi-resolution localization of causal variants across the genome bioRxiv 631390

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J. Zhu, Q. Zhao, E. Katsevich, C. Sabatti (2018) Exploratory Gene Ontology Analysis with Interactive Visualization

Documentation and Download


Brzyski, D., C. Peterson, E. Candes, M. Bogdan, C. Sabatti, P. Sobczyk (2016) "Controlling the Rate of GWAS False Discoveries"


Peterson, C., M. Bogomolov, Y. Benjamini, C. Sabatti (2015) "Hierarchical error control for eQTL studies"


Stell, L. and C. Sabatti (2015) "Genetic variant selection: learning across traits and sites," arXiv:1504.00946


Z. Zhang, K. Lange, C. Sabatti (2012) Reconstructing DNA copy number by joint segmentation of multiple sequences

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Bayesian sparse hidden components analysis

C. Sabatti and G. James "Bayesian sparse hidden components analysis for transcription regulation networks" Bioinformatics, Advance Access published on December 20, 2005

Text file containing an R function that samples from the posterior distribution of A,P,Z: BNCA.R

Note that to perform the transcription network reconstruction described in the article, you need to have a prior probability on Z, derived from sequence analysis. In Sabatti and James (2005) we use the Vocabulon algorithm with this goal.

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Sabatti, C. and K. Lange (2002) "Genomewide motif identification using a dictionary model," IEEE Proceedings 90: 1803-1810.

Sabatti, C., L. Rohlin, K. Lange, and J. C. Liao (2005) "Vocabulon: a dictionary model approach for reconstruction and localization of transcription factor binding sites" Bioinformatics, 21: 922 - 931.

Vocabulon web-site

Volume Measures

Chen, Y., C. Lin, C. Sabatti (2006) "Volume Measures for Linkage Disequilibrium," BMC Genetics 7:54.

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